Feeling uninspired to move ahead?

What do you do to keep yourself motivated when you’re tired or feeling uninspired to move ahead on a plan or goal?

Feeling uninspired

When I first looked at this question, several cliches, acronyms, and quotes flashed through my mind. Sadly, cliches are so grossly overused in both writing and conversation, to the point that they come across as trite or insensitive.

In a group of peers, we discussed something very similar to this today. One person was feeling stuck on a project she was working on. Being stuck means different things to different people and each situation is rooted in life circumstances.

One thing we discussed was the acronym:  HALT which stands for hungry, angry, lonely, tired. Interest thing is by definition, halt means to come to an abrupt stop or to suspend movement or activity. It’s hard to press on when you are hungry, angry, lonely or tired and a suspension of movement or activity might be well advised.

Here a few things I do when I am tired or feeling uninspired:

  • Say a prayer. So many times I have turned to God as a last resort rather than my first choice. Not my proudest moment, but I’m getting better at consulting with Him first. His plans are always way better than anything I can dream up.
  • Take a break. Get out of the house. Get some fresh air. A change of scenery does wonders for a fresh perspective on things.
  • Call a friend. Now more than ever we have so many ways to connect yet we almost have to make an appointment to talk with people. Who set these crazy standards anyhow? Hearing a friendly voice can be a balm to the soul.
  • Do something different. If you always drive home a certain way, take a new route. If you always order the same breakfast at the local diner, order something else. You get the idea.
  • Get moving. Any type of exercise will do. What do you like? Power walking? Thirty minutes on the elliptical stepper? Zumba or Jazzercise class? You get to choose.
  • Ask for help. It comes in many forms. Decide what type of assistance you need and ask? Whether this means hiring someone or simply speaking with a group of peers, open your mouth and ask the question.

So…what motivated you to get started with My 500 Words in the first place?

There’s a book or two in me that need to be shared with the rest of the world. I have so many stories to tell. I will be starting as a contributing author in a “brave book” due to launch in September 2016. I just started outlining a devotional book for Christian wives and I’m working on an online course for creating an editorial calendar.

I self-published a book in 2011, 52-Weeks of Resolve:  Deciding on a Better You One-Week at a Time. It was an assignment I did as part of earning my Christian Life Coaching Certification. I did not know how to market the book when I created it, so I hope I’ve learned from the experience and will be better able to work my future writings as a leverage to share my stories and experiences. Do you have any aspirations for writing?