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A way for you to share milestones, ideas, news, and products.

Do you have something to say?
Are you ready to share your message with the world?
Do you need a visual aide to show others what you offer?
How do you market you?

Make a magazine for an upcoming event

So you want to make a magazine for an upcoming event. You will be with your networking group or you’ve decided you want to invest in a valuable gift each participant can take home with them. That’s great! Let’s get started.

You supply your copy text and some of your favorite high-resolution photos, leave the design layout to me.

Once your magazine is complete, you will receive a link to your digital magazine and which can be shared on social media. The magazine(s) can be ordered as high quality prints or as web (low) quality digital PDF files through your preferred printer.

Your story. Share it.
There’s someone waiting to read what you have to say.
From idea to creation. Publish your first digital issue within one month.
Let’s get started.

See client magazine(s) here.


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