You can’t afford to ignore using online schedulers when using social media for business. Showing up online is all part of building presence and community.

Below is a short video with recommendations for a few online schedulers you can use for  your business on social media.

As mentioned in the short video above, here are four recommendations you can’t afford to ignore using online schedulers for your business.

Facebook Scheduler

You can prepare an schedule status, photo/video, offer, event or milestone from your Facebook fan page. A post can be scheduled in a few as 10 minutes ahead or up to six months down the road. This tool is so convenient and best of all, it’s FREE.


Hootsuite lets you schedule for Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.  The free plan allows you to manage up to three of your social media platforms. The basics include analytics reports, app integrations and the URL shortener. Take a look, you can sign up for FREE.


Buffer helps you schedule content to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Not only does this nifty tool help you schedule multiple posts to multiple platforms it also selects the times for you. Did you catch that? The BufferApp will select the optimal time for your post throughout each day.  You do have the option to select a designated time and date but I opt to let this app take the guess work out it. The individual plan allows you to connect one of each social profile and this too is FREE.


This new online scheduler on the scene does more than just schedule for your Twitter profile! It also is a marketing tool to generate leads and drive website traffic from Twitter. Here you schedule a mix of original content, curated articles and call-to-action posts of your own design. Reports of website traffic and lead generation are emailed right to your inbox. There is a nominal fee for the Starter plan; get your invitation here.

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Do you use online schedulers for your business? What’s your favorite?