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The question came up “why use social media for business” and the quick answer is “because it has changed the way we as a society do business.” Social media is right here, right now and it’s not going away anytime soon. The novelty factor of social media is fading and the reality is it is now part of the new norm in business.

There are many answers to the question “why use social media for business” and here are five answers you can find a parallel for you and your business right away:

  1. Better relationships. The use of social media is a communication tool. It’s not one-sided. Even when you are not seeing likes, comments, replies and such, you are still communicating. Something you post may just make someone smile and perhaps comment to someone offline about what you posted. The important thing is you made an impression, to made a connection. Consider some of your best relationships; they were not built overnight. Relationships have to be tended to, fed and nourished in order for them to grow and blossom.
  2. Targeting. Social media gives you, the business owner, vital information for targeting your ideal client. You can find out your ideal clients likes, dislikes, favorite stores, restaurants, colors, and a whole host of other pertinent information through the use of social media. Access to this type of information allows you to give your ideal client content that applies to them. If you give Mrs. Smith a pair of pierced earring but she doesn’t have pierced ears, you haven’t really given her anything that she can use. Know your ideal client and give them something they can use.
  3. Credibility. Social media is where you can share your knowledge about a topic. When you present good information in a clear message without a hidden agenda people remember that about you and it builds your trustworthiness and credibility. Relationships are built on trust, whether online or offline.
  4. Customer service. It’s human nature to want to share experiences; if it’s good we want to share, if it’s bad we want to share. That being said, customer service has been forced to raise the bar due to social media. Once something hits the internet it is out in the universe so to speak. More and more customers are sharing their customer service experiences online and while not every experience is over the top, the ones that generally stick in your mind are. When your client has a good experience with your business, it’s an added bonus when the take the time to share that experience.
  5. Business overview. Social media platforms are a great tool for businesses to get an overview of their business from their customers point of view. It lets you see how your customer sees your business online as well as you seeing how your customers interact with your business online.

These five answers for “why use social media for business” are just the tip of the iceberg. What’s your answer to “why use social media for business?”