In “Malama ka Po’e” Episode 19, Season 6 of Hawaii Five-0, one of the primary characters had to take his family into hiding. He enters their house and tells them to grab their “go-bags.” First of all, I can’t imagine what it would be like to live with a circumstance hanging over your life that would require you to leave everything, hit the road, and be prepared to assume a new identity. Place yourself in this situation. What’s in your go-bag and why?

What’s in your go-bag?

Given more time to think this thoroughly through, I’d might change a few things but this is what I came up with quickly:

A travel-size Bible. My women’s study Bible is huge, bulky, and falling apart from use.

Toothbrush and toothpaste. I admit, I brush more than average. I do not leave the house without brushing my teeth.

Wide-tooth comb and hair scrunchy. With natural curly hair, I never know how the weather will reek havoc on my hair. Without something to comb it through thoroughly and pull it back, it takes on a life of its own.

Sweats (top & bottom). I love sweats because they can double as sleepwear in a pinch. They are not binding if you have to sit for an extended amount of time to get wherever you are going.

Comfortable shoes. Not knowing what the circumstances could be to put me on the go, it’s important to have shoes that can be worn for a variety of situations. There’s nothing worse than an impractical pair of shows for the occasion.

Socks. Comfortable shoes must be paired with nice clean socks.

Deodorant. Can’t be caught unprepared. Who wants to stink or have body odor?

A pair of jeans. Jeans can be worn on almost any occasion now and it would be easy to fit into a crowd.

Three tee shirts. They are practical, comfortable and can be layered in the event of a weather change.

Non-perishable snacks (like nuts). The idea of not having any food on hand freaks me out. I don’t know what starvation truly is, but I can’t stand to be hungry.

A six-pack of water. And right up there with hunger, is thirst. Water is the best option for quenching thirst. I don’t do energy drinks and rarely drink soda.

A cardigan sweater. Depending on the time of year, I generally need a sweater because there’s a chill in the outside air or because the air condition is running and I get cold.

Lip gloss or lip balm. If you’ve ever suffered with chapped lips you will completely understand how this is a necessity.

These are the things I thought of off the cuff. I’m sure if it were an emergency evacuation situation like a hurricane, I would need things like batteries, a weather radio, a flashlight, matches, candles, a rain slicker, umbrellas, and maybe some galoshes. Don’t forget your identification; I’m not on any prescription medication but might pack some aspirin in the event of a headache and possibly a few band-aids in the event of a minor scrap or cut. Which reminds me, I need to renew my passport. What if the situation required crossing borders of the country? Odd as it sounds, this has given me some things to think about.

What's In Your Go-bag?

When Preparation Meets Opportunity

Preparation. Friend or foe?

Tackling things a big task?

Scurrying around at the last hour trying to get it all together?

While we cannot prepare for every single circumstance that lands in our lap there are good habits you can build on to help you to be more prepared when an opportunity comes your way. For example, if you have always wanted to do public speaking, you will need to do some sort of training. If you want to run a marathon (26.2188 miles), you don’t just take off running the full distance, you begin running¬† short distance and work up to the marathon.¬†You cannot stop before you actually get started. You will need to see things through to completion and make adjustments along the way.

Take a few minutes to jot down “what’s in your go-bag and why?” and share your list with me on my Facebook page, Kim S. Hawkins, Life Coach.

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