If you’re wrestling with the concern of what to post on Facebook and the fear of running out of fresh content ideas, check out this easy to implement formula for keeping a balanced variety.

A recent article appeared in the Social Media Examiner which touted a posting rule of 70-20-10 rule: 70 percent of your Page’s content should be information that’s valuable and relevant to your fans; 20 percent should be content that comes from other people and 10 percent should be promotional.

What to post on Facebook for fresh content

If you are posting to your Facebook fan page four times per day, that would be a total of 28 posts per week.  Now let’s break that down the basis of the 70-20-10 rule:

  • 19 posts containing valuable and relevant information to your fans
  • 6 posts  from other people
  • 3 promotional posts

So are you ready to get started?

Tweet: Examples of valuable & relevant posts include expert tips, industry news or seasonal posts. http://bit.ly/1JHcy4S #smtipsExamples of valuable and relevant posts include, but are not limited to, expert tips, industry news, or seasonal posts.

Posts from other people in your same industry, those from closely related industries as yours or something you think your fans will enjoy.

Testimonials, product specific or a cross-promotion with you someone in your niche are awesome promotional posts.

This formula starts you off with a minimal amount of posts. You can work your way up to increase to your desired number of post per day. Cast your fear aside of posting too much because only a fraction of your fans will see any given post and that is okay. Taking time to fill in the blanks in this easy to use formula will help you present your business on Facebook with a variety of content that your fans are going to love!

I encourage you to grab a pen and paper right now while this is fresh in your mind and begin mapping out what to post on Facebook for the next week using this formula.

Shine Online,