Hurts That Stunt Your Growth

When I looked at the title of the strategy “Your Hurts,” I wasn’t really sure where I would begin. You see, I don’t look like what I have been through. Yes, I’ve survived normal growing pains of life like most of us have endured, but then there are those deep-seated hurts. You know, the ones that make people uncomfortable. While these shaped me to be the woman I am today I opted to turn our attention to hurts that stunt your growth. No, this isn’t about how tall you are, but more about your mental and spiritual parts.

It’s those little nettling types of hurt that fester and seep into the very depths of your soul.

It’s an offhanded remark or comment that stopped you in your tracks and you’ve never forgotten it.

It’s the inevitable death of a loved one that left you feeling an injustice had been handed down.

It’s the time you were not invited or included and you didn’t realize until later how that feeling would stay with you.┬áIt’s sometimes a million little things and nothing at all rolled into one.

[tweetthis]Hurt is sometimes a million little things and nothing at all rolled into one.[/tweetthis]

Your Hurts Don’t Change Who God Is

God is loving.
God is just.
God is merciful.
He is a Personal God, a refuge and fortress.

You see, the truth is hurt people hurt people. Once you have been hurt and you can’t shake off the hurt, you begin to hurt yourself as well as others. You may not even realize it. This is why we are instructed to search our hearts and when we find unforgiveness (src), we must tend to it right away!

“Your enemy wants you long-term angry. And he can use even the lightest offense to do it, (Fervent p. 157).”

I was struck right between the eyes by this sentence. The littlest thing blew up into this monumental offense. Convicted. Pricked to the heart. I was ashamed when I saw the light of this situation. Much like Priscilla shared, I saw the truth in 2 Corinthians 2:7. Forgive, yes Lord! Comfort … oh, this is going to be so uncomfortable. I don’t know what is going to happen when this part is done, but I promise I will share the experience in the private Facebook group.

Next Week

For Monday, read Strategy 10: Your Relationships (pages 169-181)

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