There are many tools used in business every day but today the focus is tools for personal use. Digital tools are wonderful and save a tremendous amount of time. I have a few tools that use for personal productivity and I use them well. My faves are old school and they work for me:  a planner, a click pencil, a timer and my Keurig.

  • Without having to dodge the distractions of digital technology I can quickly flip open my planner to see what I have going on when and what time I have open to make plans at a glance.
  • A click pencil never needs to be sharpened (and yes, I actually remember to keep the extra lead in the barrel) and is ready to write at a moment’s notice.
  • The timer has become my constant companion. By timing personal things, I get a clear grasp of how long it takes to do some of my day-to-day things and I don’t get lost in the rabbit hole of whatever distraction happens to cross my trail.
  • More of an indulgence than a tool, I’ve come to enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the afternoon–just one and it’s worth every sip!

It’s nice when we find things that work, it’s even nicer when those things are simple. Finding tools to help you be the best you can be each day is important for your personal well-being as well as your business. In a few recent blog posts, I shared information about online scheduling tools for social media which you can read by clicking here.

I have just begun to re-embrace one digital tool that I am finding to be especially valuable as I am working on some writing projects–Evernote. Have you used it yet? What tools do you use for personal productivity? They don’t have to be expensive, flashy or high tech. I’d love for you to visit my Facebook business page and share your personal favorites!