Social Media Analysis

Needing to amp up your business from a low glow to a bold shine online? Or maybe you feel like the time you’ve put into your social media efforts is like the lamp hid under the bushel of online noise.

Have you grown weary of hearing about the post planning and the numerous tips on what not to do on social media, when you’ve yet to see a clear plan of what to do broken down into actionable steps?

After several consultations with entrepreneurs and small business owners asking what step should I take next, I am happy to say this Social Media Analysis was created for just for YOU!

With your Social Media Analysis, you’ll discover:

  • what’s going well with your Facebook and Twitter profiles
  • what you can do to increase comments and shares on your Facebook and Twitter posts
  • top times for reaching your engaged users
  • the types of posts getting the best engagement on each of your pages
  • creation of a Facebook Interest List that will help you listen to your ideal client
  • creation of a Twitter business influencers to develop partnerships and stay informed about what’s happening in your industry
  • creation of 10 #Hashtags to help you be recognized online and among your influencers
  • and more recommendations for what to do next based on this knowledge

The Social Media Analysis will help you show off your products and services and get the conversions you want.

Schedule your Analysis now for $497