“Take care of yourself,” she said as she drove away.

But would she do it? Who has time for that!

Does the busyness of the day cloud your judgement when it comes to self-care for you?

You take care of this and that and them; what about you?

Where’s your oxygen mask sister?

How are you going to care for the ones you love, do the things you enjoy the most when you are shallow breathing and pushing on to the next thing on your never-ending to-do list?

You will be no good to anyone if you keep up at this pace never taking time for a little bit of self care.

This short list of six self-care tips for busy women is just the tip of the iceberg but for the sake of your busy schedule, let’s just start with these few ideas to get you on board with creating a self-care routine that works for you.

  • Prioritize. Life has to have some semblance of order. Flying by the seat of your pants is going to catch up with you at the most inconvenient time. It’s your life, don’t be afraid to set your pace.
  • Laugh. When is the last time you had a gut-busting belly laugh? If you can’t recall when, then you are waaaaay overdue! Look for the humor in everyday life. Lighten up!
  • Journal. You have a story in you. Apply the pen to the paper and find out what dreams you have tucked away, the memories almost forgotten or the idea from left field that keeps waking you up at night.
  • Nap. Don’t groan about it, you’re a big girl now. Businesses are even advocating ┬áthe value of a nap. Figure out the amount of nap time that is effective for you.
  • Read. You don’t have to read a 600 page novel in a single sitting; the idea is to indulge yourself in the liberty of reading even if it is only for fifteen minutes.

“No matter how slow you go, you’re still lapping everybody sitting on the couch.”

  • Move. Not cross country or to a new city, just get your body moving. Find something you enjoy doing and do it for yourself. Your body will thank you later.

Is the idea of self-care novel to you or are you already on board? I’d love to hear your feedback! Comment below.