Facebook offers simple insights for business about your fans, their reach and engagement giving you valuable information for your business strategy.

Facebook has simple Insights for business! Skip the number crunching in this post. I’m a people kind of person so let’s head right over to the ‘People’ tab on your Facebook fan page and take a look around.  For those of you who shy away from numbers and data, I encourage you to take a peek.

At the top of your Facebook fan page you will see headers:  Page, Messages, Notifications, Insight, Posts. We are going to be looking at the Insights tab, so go ahead and click on it.

Now you will see another set of tabs below the ones mentioned above:  Overview, Likes, Reach, Visits, Posts, People. Click on the People tab.

This is where we will be focusing our attention today. You will see yet another set of tabs under People:  Your Fans, People Reached, and People Engaged. Each tab tells a different story. Check yours out. Meanwhile, I will share what I found to be true based on my Facebook fan page Insights according to the first People tab:

Your Fans:

  • 84% womenInsight_1
  • 27% are between the ages of 35-44
  • 29% are between the ages of 45-54
  • 632 are in the United States of America
  • 38 of those fans are in San Antonio, Texas
  • 707 are English (US)

Another story is revealed when looking at the second People tab.

People Reached

  • Insight_289% women
  • 35% are between the ages of 35-44
  • 26% are between the ages of 45-54
  • 8311 reached are in the United States of America
  • 144 reached in San Antonio, Texas; 79 in Houston, Texas; and 70 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
  • 8010 reached in English (US); 203 in Spanish; and 171 in English (UK).

And yet another story is revealed by the third People tab.

People Engaged:

  • 95% womenInsight_people_engaged
  • 33% are between the ages of 35-44
  • 36% are between the ages of 45-54
  • 310 engaged in the United States of America; 3 in Canada; and 3 in the United Kingdom
  • 13 engaged in San Antonio, Texas; 5 in Fort Worth, Texas; and 4 in Louisville, Kentucky.
  • 308 engaged in English (US); 5 in Spanish; and 5 in English (UK).

Without a lot of hard number crunching Facebook offers simple Insights for business that an owner can quickly see who their fans are by gender, age, location, and language. [tweetthis]A business owner can tell from Facebook Insights if they are reaching the right audience. [/tweetthis]It also assists you in nurturing your ideas of expanding your range of business outside of your targeted range if you so desire. By knowing where your clients reside you can determine where you might want to travel to conduct business or participate in other industry related events. How can you better hone in on your business strategy based on these simple insights for business?