Surprisingly Simple Easy Healthy Habits

I had no idea I had so many surprisingly simple easy healthy habits circulating in my head! I’m so happy to be able to share these simple easy insights I have gained through personal experience. If  you following me on social media you know grilling is one of me and my husband’s favorite things to do for dinner. We love experimenting with various grilling methods and recipes.

Surprisingly Simple Easy Healthy Habits

Butterflied whole chicken on the grill!

So you know your overall health is important. Read on to find a key point in this list of more surprisingly simple easy healthy habits that speaks to your heart:

  1. Figure out your exercise(s) of choice. Choose a couple so you won’t have excuses with weather, money or time.
  2. Did I mention water? It keeps you regular. If you don’t know what that term means, ask your Mom.
  3. Go dark with dark chocolate! The darker the better. It’s been reported to be good for your heart and your brain.
  4. Don’t saturate yourself with liquid calories from beverages. I don’t count calories however I do know they add up.
  5. Take advantage of the grilling season. Grilled meats will have less fat because it drips off while cooking. When grilling vegetables the shorter cooking time leaves more of the natural moisture and vitamins than other traditional cooking methods.
  6. Having worked a desk job, I had to train myself to take periodic breaks to move! Sedentary jobs reek havoc on the body.
  7. I gave up creamers for coffee. I drink it cowboy style as my husband says–Black! My personal recommendation:  Mary & Martha’s Honduran Gold Dark Roast
  8. Stretch! Yep, it’s simple, it’s effective and it doesn’t cost a dime.
  9. If you have an overweight dog, chances are you’re not getting enough exercise either. Walk your dog.
  10. Sit up straight. Slouching makes for lazy muscle which appear flabby.

Do you have a favorite grilling recipe or technique? Please share by commenting below.