Shine Online 90-Day Program

Find your voice and own it

You were born to stand out so you’re going to have to speak up

Start speaking to the heart of your client

Get ready to turn a corner – in 90 Days

An imitation is a form of flattery, but you’ll need to find your signature spark

Your voice will shine through when you share your own personal experiences and your background.

Connect with your audience by sharing your passions (what gets you emotional)

attitude adjustment about social media

The program is created to build online relationships, a virtual community and a brand presence

Go from hit and miss appearances to steady display of brilliance

I help you to ….

Sincere about sharing your message online


Your receive a CONSULTATION session to lay the groundwork for a social media strategy for the next 90 days

Social Media Analysis of Facebook and Twitter Profiles ($500 value)

Facebook Like Ad Campaign (list building) – $250 goes toward your Facebook advertising

6 Private calls with Kim ($1700 value) during your 90-day plan

1:1 Access to Kim by email

If you are ready to

stop tossing content out and hoping something sticks
try something new
hear what’s working and what needs to change

You clearly are not ready if
you want to keep doing what you’ve been doing
you want to whine about changes
not open to suggestions and recommendations

Spots are limited and expected to fill up quickly.

Complete your application to see if you have the glitz for the Shine Online 90-Day Program

You can create that SPARKLE online for your business!

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OPTION #1: PIF and SAVE $500. Your total is $2,500.
OPTION #2: Pay in 3 payments of $1,000 (one now and one every 30 days fo 3 total payments) Total of $3,000.