Plugins help you and if the thought of adding them to your WordPress site makes your head want to pop, relax–they are more user friendly than you think. I want to share five free WordPress plugins I use and why.

Plugins help do some of the legwork required to share your content. People love to push buttons and click on things when they are online. It’s like, oh, what will happen if I do this. Oh cool, I can share this effortlessly with my friends. No special hoops, just the click of the mouse and Ta-Da!

Plugins Help You To Get Seen

Aspexi Facebook Like Box – When someone is visiting my website, they can quickly connect with me on Facebook through the like box and it slides into the margin when not in use.

Tweet: Clicktotweet makes it easy for your readers to share your content with a click of the mouse. #simplesavvysocialClick To Tweet – This makes it easy for readers to share content you have already selected with the click of the mouse.  (Note: Click To Tweet using the Twitter image.)



Plugins help you to be seen




jQuery Pin It Button For Images – When a Pinterest user visits your website, any image in your content can be easily pinned, so be sure to include something pin worthy.



Tweet This – A plugin makes it simple for your reader to share your content AND it includes a link to your blog post, too.

[tweetthis]Make it easy for readers to share your content using Tweet This plugin. #simplesavvysocial[/tweetthis]


Yoast SEO – This one takes a little bit of work to use, but it’s worth it because it helps you include all the important things in your blog post that help your content come up through search engine optimization (SEO). Don’t worry about the fancy jargon; it helps your content to be seen.

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