I can’t say it enough–find an online scheduling tool that you like and start using it now. Do this and you won’t have to be on social media 24/7 to create a consistent online presence.

Online Scheduling Tools For Social Media

Do you use online scheduling tools for social media? As a small business owner these tools are a must. They will prove to be even more valuable if you are the sole person handling all things regarding your business.

Facebook is easy to use and can be highly effective in helping you build online relationships for your small business.
In January Facebook passed 1.19 billion monthly active users. The opportunity to reach your ideal client is staggering with numbers like this. [[tweetthis]Facebook is easy to use & effective in helping you build online relationships for your business.[/tweetthis]

When I began building my brand and online presence I was so green! I knew nothing about how to build a web site and even less about social media. My favorite thing about using the internet was Google because it was how I could find out more about things that I wanted to know about without a trip to the library. I didn’t even know how to schedule my blog post to publish at a certain time. I would set my alarm to get up at some dreaded wee morning hour just to hit the publish button at a designated time. I’ve come a long way and so can you by choosing and using an online scheduling tools for social media.

Now about those online scheduling tools for social media, I have found Facebook’s scheduler to be very easy to use for your business fan page. Other options that I use include Hootsuite and Buffer.

The Facebook scheduling feature is available solely for Facebook. Here’s a few things about my other two recommendations:

  1. Both, Buffer and Hootsuite, are compatible with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  2. Hootsuite has analytics which help you get a visual and are better able to track the measure of your efforts.
  3. Buffer will let you schedule content of your choice. It also has “Suggestions” of content you can share.
  4. Buffer gives you the option to select a designated time or it will queue your post and deliver them throughout the day.
  5. Hootsuite is great for responding with your Twitter account. You can divide your stream there making it easier to see what needs a reply.

The thing I love most about online scheduling tools for social media is that it frees me up to other things in my business. Speaking of free, that’s another thing for the individual small business owner, you can use any of these tools for FREE! Which will you check out?