A common concern I hear from pressed for time business women is “no one is engaging with my content” and honestly, I don’t have a lot of time to pour into using social media.

My first recommendation is narrow your social media use to one platform when lack of time is a factor. I highly suggest Facebook. With a narrowed focus of attention to one social media platform, you can learn to use it well and strategically.

Listen to this short video I created using Facebook Live. (Learn how to embed a video into your website by clicking this link here.)

No One is Engaging with My Content – Do This:

  1. Check your Facebook Insights, it could simply be a matter of timing.
  2. Avoid speaking to everyone and target your message to ONE specific person.

No One is Engaging With My Content

From your page click on the Insights tab; go to the Posts section; look specifically at the tab “When Your Fans Are Online” then move your cursor across each day of the week to find when your fans are online each day.

The more you know about your audience the better you can address their specific struggles and show them how you can help with their specific circumstance.

Then Do This:

Based on the information to find about when your fans are online, create a posting schedule. Pick two times based on when you have the most fans online each day. Follow this posting schedule for 2-4 weeks and track your results. Make note of the times and type of posts which get the most engagement. By starting with just two posting times per day you begin to build your habit of showing up online consistently.

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