Color Wonder markers by Crayola are one of my favorite guilty pleasures. I use the term guilty loosely because it’s not such a bad thing to enjoy coloring. A whole new market has opened up with the latest craze–adult coloring books.

I was standing in Office Depot located off of 151 in San Antonio looking for supplies for the church. There are so many varieties of any one thing you look for, it can become overwhelming in about two point six seconds! Luckily, I love office supplies and I could spend way more time looking than actually making a purchase any day.

I rounded the corner and there they were, Crayola markers in size, shape, and color! I eyed them with the enthusiasm of a child and I’m sure I was smiling the whole time. I don’t hide my emotions well. I picked up one package and carefully placed it back, I’m a little OCD like that. I continued to scan each row when something on the shelves below caught my eye. It caught my eye because it was marked down.

I cautious picked up the package and eyed it over.

I wondered what was wrong with it?

The packaging had not been opened.

I had to have it!

Color Wonder My World

Color Wonder, My Secret Joy

I clutched the packet in my hands with absolute glee! I could hardly wait to get home to play with my very own Color Wonder markers.

Feeling very much like a child, I rushed through putting the supplies away once I made my way back to the church office. It was already late in the afternoon and I finished my day at 3:30 pm sharp. I dashed out the door with my newly purchased treasure in my bag. I always have a bag and it’s generally over-sized and overstuffed.

I was home within just as few minutes as we were living on the church property at the time behind the church building. I popped into our fifth-wheel camper home. I was greeted industriously by our two dogs. I quickly let them out to do their business.

Once settled inside, I pulled Color Wonder treasure out of the bag and tore into the plastic wrapping. I opened the box of Color Wonder markers and examined each one with childlike curiosity. If you are not familiar with this particular Crayola marker, it’s magical because it colors on the special Color Wonder coloring pad. Using them will make you wonder!

Color Wonder Coloring Page

Since this time I have learned more about myself and what my creativity brings to the table for me and my business. My learning style is more visual followed by tactile. I hear what you say but I really want to see it and get my hands in the process. Knowing this I can embrace my messy process of writing down key words and ideas. I don’t mind sitting at the front of the class because I get more involved and less distracted by other things going on in the room. I also know that I need to take breaks and best of all, using a computer satisfies my need to touch my work.

What is your learning style? Auditory. Visual. Tactile.