What must you do on social media

Hey there! Kim S. Hawkins, here.
I decided to pop on and do a quick Facebook Live.

I was challenged to do this; my social media coach actually talked to several of us about going on, testing it (it being Facebook Live) and trying it out.

I have used Facebook Live before (one time), however, I haven’t used it since.

It’s going to be something that’s pretty critical for businesses coming up here in the future.

If you’re afraid of video, I’m going to encourage you right now to just step outside of that fear. You’re going to be uncomfortable but it’s something you’re going to want to do.

The question came up what must you do on social media and what must you stop in order to shine online in 2016?

To shine, show people your brilliance, shine online to show people that you are really you (authenticity is a key player) on social media this year.

For a must do, I’m going to say, “Video. A must do is VIDEO, of course.”
For a must stop, I going to say, “STOP the excessive training.”

Train, train, train, train.

You know what? How many training courses have you taken? (Honestly?)

It’s time to do something. It’s time to use that training, the results come in the doing.

So I encourage you to stop excessive training, look at your notes and create it whatever it is.

Whatever you need to be doing whether it’s your social media strategy,
Whether it’s a campaign for your next product, whatever it is, the results come in the doing.

Yes, I’m going to encourage you to do just get on it and get on with it.
Stop the excessive training.

The other thing you must do is just stop staring at what other people are doing.
Stop looking at everybody else.
Stop chasing influencers.

It’s time for you to do what you do best

Just be yourself.
You’re wonderful.
You shine, you’re brilliant.
You’re a diamond in the rough like me but that’s okay.
All the bumps along the road, they are going to polish you. They are going to refine you and they going to make you who you are.

Watch YouTube Video:  What Must You Do On Social Media