How will you make your results last? The ROI on events varies from person to person. You can attend all the events, trainings, conferences, you name it, that you want but if you do nothing when it is over you lose your return on investment in a big way. Think about it!

  • Remember the fantastic training you attended.
  • How about the incredible webinar you viewed?
  • The annual conference was sensational too!
Friends, don't lose out on your investment in your recent event. One consultant shares four steps to make your results LAST--Learn, Apply, Share and Teach.

Friends, don’t lose out on your investment in your recent event. One consultant shares four steps to make your results LAST–Learn, Apply, Share and Teach.

But now what? You have all this exciting information brewing in your mind and your fingers are just itching to do something with this  newly acquired knowledge. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. The ROI on events is going to work in your favor and you are going to get results that LAST by following these four steps:

  1. LEARN. You invested time (and maybe money) to participate in this event. The return on your investment is entirely up to you. If you are a visual learner, sit close enough to have a good view and where you won’t have too many distraction ( i.e. exit doors, aisle seats, etc.). Audio learners bring a recording device if permitted otherwise budget for purchasing the recording of the event. Those who learn by doing, do! Be a volunteer, find a way to actively participate.
  2. APPLY. Don’t waste any time here, get out and apply your newly learned information. The sooner you begin using what you have learned, the better. By quickly going back to what you just learned you will get a better grasp on the information. It has been said, “we become what we repeatedly do.” Also, if for any reason you find you have missed something in the event you can quickly find the appropriate source for clarification.
  3. SHARE. When you share your knowledge with others you begin to position yourself as the expert, the go-to person, the one with the real know how. Once you prove to be a viable and reliable source you have laid the groundwork to acquire  paying clients.  This in no way means you give away company secrets, copyrighted materials and such; use discretion when sharing your jewels of knowledge.
  4. TEACH. If you begin teaching others how to do what you have learned you become better at doing whatever it is that you are teaching. You will also be driven to know as much as you can about the information you are teaching.

Here’s your quick summary to insure the ROI on events you attend LAST:  Learn, Apply, Share and Teach.

Don’t lose out on your investment. Make every bit, be it time and/or money, work in your favor. Have questions on this post or want to share what works for you, comment here or visit me on Facebook.