In my dreams, I’m writing blog posts for the Huffington Post and the HuffPost Women Readers love my articles. I write to the heart of Christian wives in business, the triumphs, the day-to-day happenings, the world through their eyes, and the lens through which they are viewed. I uncover the truth and share His truth through my writing, my speaking engagements, and weekend Sisters Getaway Retreats.

In My Dreams

In my dreams, I take an annual family vacation with my hubby and our two dogs. Yes, dogs need vacations too! I enjoy planning and putting on my Sisters Getaway Retreats, but that does not stop me from taking a personal spa vacation just for me.

In my dreams, I work with a brilliant, dedicated team of talented women who help me with my mission of simplifying the way women do social media for business. Together we design strategies with a clear purpose, telling the story of each client’s business, laying out the best practices to suit the client and those they serve.

In my dreams, I own a cabin in the mountains and a condo on the beach. Oh, and we are members of the country club because my hubby loves to golf. He’d do it every day if I let him.

In my dreams, I am able to make substantial donations to support services to spread awareness about domestic violence, assistance for the homeless, and pet rescue organizations.

In my dreams, I can do seated meditation, peaceful warrior, and the spinal twist yoga poses. I can also hula hoop and belly dance. Since I’m dreaming, why not?

The truth is any of these things could become my reality.

I am sharing my dreams today to encourage you to dream and to intentionally spell out the desires of your heart. We serve a great, big, wonderful God who hears and listens. He wants you to pour it all out as you sit at the feet of Jesus.

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming because with God dreams do come true.

I never dreamed that I would live in the Rio Grande Valley (almost in Mexico) with my husband and our two dogs. In fact, I never dreamed that we would live in a fifth wheel camper home and drive a Chevy V8 truck. I never dreamed that I would have cactus as potted plants in lieu of the flowering plants I can’t seem to keep alive in this south Texas heat. I never dreamed that I would drink coffee as my preferred drink of choice. I never dreamed that I would prefer dark chocolate with sea salt over creamy milk chocolate, but I do! Life is full of little surprises and riddled with big revelations.

I’m approachingĀ a new milestone. I’m almost afraid to talk about too much simply because it has not happened yet. I never dreamed about sobriety simply because I did not realize I had a problem. At present, I’m living the dream and I am sober. But let’s not get ahead of my story, let’s just take this one day at a time. What do you dream about?