“I’m going on Facebook to buy a mini blender,” said No One Ever. When people log in to use Facebook, they are there to socialize not make a purchase. Why then should businesses bother with a creating and maintaining a Facebook fan page? Short answer, times have changed and if you are not using some form of social media and a web site, you are not really in business.

Did you know Facebook and Twitter are the top two social media platforms for businesses across the globe? Now you’re wondering what all this means to you and your business. Let me share something with you, while Facebook isn’t a platform for selling there are beneficial reasons as to why a Facebook fan page is good for your business.

  • It’s where you can meet with your Fans without having to literally travel to work. As long as you have internet access you get to make global connections where ever you are.
  • Where else can you access valuable data about your Fans without having to pay? That’s right. With a few clicks you have access to information that can help you serve and provide products your Fans will use and love. This type of information is valuable because you will have data you need to create something specific to them.
  • Here’s a little something frequently overlooked by businesses on their Facebook fan page–it’s a prime location to lead Fans to your website. Think of it this way, your Facebook fan page is like a party and your website is like your home. You build relationships with Fans on Facebook and when they decide to venture to your website they are that much closer to becoming a customer. 
  •  Your Facebook fan page is a great place for others such as prospects, clients, future employees and even the media to find out more about your and  your business. Also while on Facebook, you can keep a vibe on your competition and if your competition isn’t using it, you are that much further ahead of them.

There are many ways to build your online presence and community for your business. Can you see the benefits of creating and maintaining a Facebook fan page as one of your networking tools?