How to woo after “I Do,” is simple, fun and unique to each marriage. Whether you’ve been married for decades, years or months, don’t stop the wooing! Men love the chase and what woman doesn’t want to be pursued?

1. Hold on to the knowledge that we (you and your husband) are better together than apart. Your union of marriage is a cord of three, not easily broken. Come to rely on the strength of that union and seek ways to serve others through it. <–Tweet This!

2. When your husband comes at you with playful teasing, reciprocate. Don’t lose the childlike spirit that enjoys playing. Take a deep breath and give in to those moments fully embracing the joy of being carefree.

A loving young couple out on date at a restaurant
3. Kiss me quick, this moment won’t last forever. When you love somebody, show it! When you feel compelled to kiss your husband, just do it! If he asks you why, perhaps you’re not kissing him often enough. Giving in to those moments right then and there helps to build intimacy and overall affection for one another.

4. Make the first move. No need to wait for him, remember, you are in this together. This is not to say the wife should take the lead, the husband leads the household. There are times however, when it’s appropriate for the wife to make the first move. Making the first move gives him the opportunity to voluntarily pitch in to help with whatever it is you are leading him to assist you with.

5. Look for the right time to have weighty conversations. Women are just naturally more attentive to matters of the heart but don’t let this cloud your vision. Look for your husband’s cues as to when he will or will not be reception to deep subjects. If it’s something that just can’t wait, pray for discernment and clarity with your words.

6. Lead into the actions you want to take. If you want to go to the movies, pre-pay the tickets or set the date with friends to put the ball into motion. If you wait for your husband to pick up on clues of things you want to do, it might not happen. Men deal better in specifics than vagueness.

7. Speak with intention. Women tend to talk more than men. It’s not a fault, it’s in the mechanics. With this knowledge, save your detail laden stories for your girlfriends, that’s a better audience. Doesn’t mean you should not share your stories with your husband but  you might just need to give him the condensed version.

8. Turn on the charm, that’s part of the allure of how you got together in the first place. Just because you’ve sealed the deal with your “I do’s,” doesn’t mean the charm ends. Marriage is just a beginning and you’ll find many ways to reinvent the magic in your relationship over and over. <–Tweet This!

9. Display a picture of the two of you promeniently. Let other’s know you are proud to be with your husband! In this digital age, it’s easy to get away from taking snapshots and publicly displaying them. We hide them away in files and flash drives. Make it a point to print one and put it somewhere visible. It’s good to look a photos and remember when.

10. Serve. If you’re pouring yourself something to drink or a snack, offer to make him one too! He may not always take you up on it but he will definitely remember that you offered and the thought will be appreciated.

11. Lead into the yes answers you want. “Isn’t the weather lovely this time of year?” “Doesn’t your haircut look great?”  “You love my chunky beef chili, wouldn’t that be good for dinner one day this week?” Once the yes answers are flowing it’s not so easy to say no.

12. Touch! The best way to seal a deal is by contact. He is yours and you are his. Don’t be stingy with those little touches which lead to feelings of reassurance, confidence and pure affection.

How would your marriage be different if you put some of the how to woo after “I do” tips into action? Comment below.