Armed with the gift for knowing how to use what you have on hand, I just updated the theme on my website over the weekend. I want to share with you a few of the tools that made it all possible.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox Plugin was easy to use and gave me peace of mind knowing I had a ‘backup’ plan if I made in errors in changing my theme to my website.

Post Planner is an app that makes it easy to find and post amazing content proven to move fans and followers to engage and help build your online community.

Twitterfeed is an app that allows you to publish a RSS feed from your blog or your chosen blog sources to Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Ultimate Coming Soon Page Plugin was so nifty! It even allowed me to personalize my downtime maintenance message in my own words.

Google–When I was young, my mother was like Google; she knew everything and even now there are things she knows that simply amaze me! Website and such are not her thing. So, I mention utilizing Google simply because I don’t want you to let not knowing how to do something to prevent you from moving forward when you are not sure how to proceed. Google it!

Last but not least, the members in the iBloom Inner Circle have shared with the iBloom Team what a positive impact the iBloom Inner Circle has had on us and our businesses. The team accredits their success to seeing us succeeding in our businesses!

Coincidentally, I received news today that my friends at iBloom are giving current iBloom Inner Circle members the opportunity to share this AMAZING community with our friends! We are happy to “release” the “Invite a Friend” promo!

I get to personally “Invite a Friend” to “test drive” the iBloom Inner Circle for a month! You, my friend will get:

  • Free access to this AMAZING community this month (May)
  • Access to “The Roadmap to Success” Handout
  • Access to the Jumpstart Training: Create Your Success Strategy

They can sign-up here under the monthly plan: Use Coupon Code: iBloom

How to use what you have on hand can produce some amazing results when you make a decision to just do it. Are you ready to shine online? I’d love to hear about your story!