Are you in a quandary trying to figure out how to stop losing your valuable time on Facebook? You’re not alone!

If you’re like me, you’ve probably logged into Facebook to check one thing an hour or so later, you realize you never did what you initially logged in to do, but now you’re out of time.

It happens. Only you know the degree to which Facebook is robbing of your precious 24-hour day, so let’s talk.

Facebook is a tool and when used properly it can be a valuable asset for your business.

If you did not use Facebook could you afford to spend the time on the phone or money on the travel to meet with the people you interact with online?

Would you even know some of the people you do business with and engage with if you did not use Facebook?

Could you keep up with the birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, graduations, retirement announcement, you name itĀ if you did not use Facebook?

Is it the operator or the machine?

3 Ways to Stop Losing Time on Facebook

  1. Set a timer. Give yourself a designated amount of time, set the time and do the work first. If by chance you have some time left then you can look at pictures of your friends cute new shoes.
  2. Make a list. If you know what you are logging into Facebook to do and have it written down, chances are you will get the things on the list done. A list is a great motivator.
  3. Facebook Eradicator. This is the big gun for stopping the distractions on Facebook. If you find you absolutely need a break from the distractions use the Chrome plugin called News Feed Eradicator for Facebook.

Be intentional with your time online and you’ll get a good return on your time invested. Get your checklists to help you do small actionable tasks daily, weekly, and monthly with marked results, totally free.