Hire Kim to Speak

Hire Kim to Speak

Your event is going to be in a class all by itself. You have a big list of attendees and you want incredible speakers to complement your event while [empowering] your audience.

And that is why you should have Kim S Hawkins in your event!

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My ONE topic–social media, can be tailored to suit your audience. Yes, there is so much talk about social media and many claim to have the secret sauce to master social media use for business and my talk is different.

My approach deals with the reality that you do not have to be online 24/7 to maintain presence and build a thriving community.

In my presentation, I tackle specific areas and actionable steps to overcome the pitfalls of failed attempts of using social media for business:

  • the online world is noisy, I’ll show you how to find your voice so you can be heard.
  • what to post? when to post? I’ll give your event attendees clear steps of what to do, followed by what to do next.
  • why other say social media does not work. I present what to mistakes to avoid.

Need to talk to me about your next event? Let’s get the ball rolling to partner and help your attendees shine online! Send me an email at info@kimshawkins.com.