Help! I’m stuck and I can’t move on because…

  • Anxiety wraps its’ spidery little arms around me like threads in a web.
  • Heads games are running a race through my brain and their noise is deafening.
  • I don’t have everything on my imaginary list.
  • I already know how this is going to turn out–just like the last time.
  • I’m just spinning my wheels going nowhere fast.

Help, I'm Stuck and I Can't Move On!

Getting unstuck is just something you will have to go through at one time or another. Sometimes you get stuck for the same hang up over and over and other times you will encounter a new scenario which causes you to say, “Help, I’m stuck and I can’t move on.”

No matter what causes you to feel stuck, know this, you are not the only one this has ever happened to and there are simple things you can learn to do to help you move.

This post is a first of a short series of blogs dedicated to helping you get unstuck. Anxiety is such a tangly little web of deception that can leave you in a constant state of flux and fighting. If you have ever actually run into a spider’s web you quickly discover you know karate moves even though you have never taken a class. Jokes aside, look your anxiety in the face. Just stop and look. You’re running willy nilly like a chicken with its head cut off. Stop! Where were you before this anxiety took over? What has changed in your life? What has you running in circles causing you to feel stuck?

Once you identify the culprit who brought this case of anxiety on you, you must deal with it. This doesn’t mean you have to undo the un-undoable but it does mean you have to take a new stance on your new circumstances. Come to your senses–literally!

  1. Select a visual aid. It could be a new motivational plaque with a mantra relating to your new mindset or it might be a coffee mug reminding you that you can do it!
  2. Listen. If it is quiet you need, give yourself 10-15 minutes of silence. If music moves you, listen to your favorite tunes uninterrupted. Try something new like an audiobook.
  3. Savor scents. Get a smelly something as a treat–non-edible, like a candle, essential oils or just get outside and get some fresh air.
  4. Touch it, get your hands right in the middle of something whether it is a new scarf, a craft or gardening.
  5. Taste and see that life is good by sampling new things, new surroundings or new people.

Has anxiety ever had you crying out, “Help, I’m stuck and I can’t move on”? What did you do to get unstuck?