Healthy Lifestyle Tips

  • When you think you are hungry even though you have eaten, try drinking a glass of water before you dive into something else to eat. Sometimes your body is telling you, you’re thirsty!
  • Learn to breathe! What, isn’t this instinctual? Seriously, breathe through your nose, use your diaphragm, relax and find your rhythm. Yep, that deep, cleansing breath is a real thing.
  • Reduce your sugar and salt intake. A certain amount of salt is necessary. Be mindful sugar comes in many forms and it’s easy to over do it without even being aware. If it’s not a natural food source, read the label.
  • Eat vegetables and fruit. There are so many choices.Take time to sample new things and find the ones you enjoy.
  • Not a fan of plain water? Fill your glass half with juice or tea and the other half with water. This is an easy way to get into the habit of drinking more water.

Water! Just drink it!

  • Get enough rest. Try to go to bed at night at the same time even if you aren’t sleepy, the rest will do you good. Don’t get hung up here. Feeling stuck, don’t! Follow this link here.
  • Try alternative snacks–nuts, fruits, veggies. Figure out what you like (sweet, salty, crunchy).
  • Dance, it’s fun and it’s movement!
  • I leave a water glass conveniently beside my pitcher of water.
  • Use smaller plates for meals. We generally have a tendency to fill the space on our plate. If you’re like me, I was raised to clean my plate.
  • Use ramekins to measure out portions. These small dishes range in size from 3.5 to 6 ounces.
  • Remember your best food choices lie in the perimeter of the grocery store–don’t get sucked into the middle, that’s where the tempting stuff is stocked.
  • Water with the juice of 1/2 lemon before bed helps eliminate toxins from your body. I do this for one full month per quarter. It’s also great for my complexion.

A healthy lifestyle is build on a foundation of good habits. I’ve found drinking water to be one of the most beneficial habits. What have you found that works for you? Visit my Facebook page to share your thoughts on habits for a healthy lifestyle here.