God hears your everyday prayer. He doesn’t just tune in for the BIG stuff, He wants to know about your everyday stuff, those little things, the ones that seem almost insignificant. He hears, He listens, He answers. No matter how BIG or small the matter is–if it matters to you, it matters to Him.

I had an opportunity to put one of the prayer tactics to work while preparing for my annual dedicated time of prayer for my husband with my Facebook followers My husband and I have taken a seasonal summer job and it has us both on twelve hour shifts opposite of one another. This only leaves us a short window of time between our shifts to “see each other face-to-face.” It has been challenging but I know it is temporary.

prayer quote

During our shift change my husband made a comment that bothered me, in fact it hurt my feelings. I was leaving for the day with a heavy heart. As I drove away, I said, “God, did you hear what he just said to me!” Flashes of reading preparation time for this prayer session blazed before my eyes. SHUT UP and PRAY. And boy, oh boy, did I. All the way home God listened to my rambling stream of thoughts and the lamentations of my heart. Why?Because that’s just what our Heavenly Father does.

He Heard Me!

I put the matter to rest for the evening by taking care of our dogs. It wasn’t until I was driving back to work that the scenario from the day before resurfaced in my mind. I asked God if I should or should not say anything. I listened expectantly as I drove along the bumpy gravel road. An armadillo ambled across the road in front of me and I took in the splendid sunrise. As I neared the final entrance gate, there stood my husband with a tender smile on his face. He stopped me on my way in and immediately apologized for his remark the previous day. My heart busted with joy and forgiveness. God not only heard me, He listened and He answered.

I know in my heart of hearts if I had taken matters into my own hands rather than turning the situation over to God in prayer the outcome would have been very different. When a matter is turned over to God in prayer you need to listen and look diligently for His answer. There is a time to speak and a time to be quiet and let God do His work. Have you prayed for God to help you discern when to speak and when to be silent? Share your experience or thoughts on this subject.