I am conducting my first survey to help improve the content, events, and services I offer throughout the remainder of this year. As a valued member of my community would you mind taking a few minutes to help me?


Although I have conducted other surveys, this may be the first for you. I’ve been given valuable feedback from some through social media platforms, and I thank you for your support!

After listening to a variety of podcasts and webinars, I felt moved to do a little survey of my own to get a clearer vision of how I can support you throughout the remainder of 2016. My brilliant ideas are worthless is they do not help you with your overall business strategy.

Why Am I Doing The Survey?

It’s a fair question. The aim of the survey is to:

  • Give me snapshot of who you so I can speak to your heart
  • Give me a sense about the type of content you find most useful
  • Help me in deciding the changes to make that will serve you best

You get the picture of why this survey is needed, right?

Your help is significant for my first survey

Because I really want to help by providing content that’s helpful and relevant to you, for my survey to be a success, I need your feedback .

Your participation will help me to know what’s important to you; and this will help me with deciding what to offer you in the future, and to understand how I can make my content, events, and services most helpful to you.

The survey will take a few minutes. Seriously, it really will take just a few minutes or less!

Are you ready to make your opinion count?

“Yes, I’m ready, bring on the survey!”

Thanks in advance for your help. I appreciate you!