Finding time for social media can be a challenge but there are ways around this dilemma. If you think it is important you will make time for it. In order to to do this, determine why it is important you. [tweetthis]Setting time to engage is all part of building relationships both offline and online.[/tweetthis] Recognize social media is where you can help others without ever knowing the impact you may have made on them. It’s up to you to determine what level of priority using social media has for you both in business and personal areas of your life.

Be intentional with your online time. Know what you aim to do when you are going online to use social media. Set a timer when necessary. Get in, get engaged, be responsive and get out. Wham! Bam! Thank You!

Designate non-negotiable time. When you decide you have your time designated for other areas of your life, put your smartphone [or other devices] away and be present. If you are not in a life saving business capacity (doctor, EMT, police, fireman, military personnel, etc.) chances are, you can set your online life on hold while you live into your live intentions.

Plan your downtime. When you make a plan to do something in an area of your life that does not pertain to your business, make it a point to show up! Studies have shown that the anticipation of an event increases overall happiness and increases the joy experienced in the actual event. It’s important to have something to look forward to.

There are weekends where I totally shut myself off from social media and focus on other areas of my life but I do know what tools I can use to give me quick access without getting lost in the abyss. Find a schedule that works for you; find online scheduling tools that allow you the freedom to do so.

Targeting the use of your time [online, non-negotiable and downtime] will help you to live into your intentions both online and offline. Time like money has value. Be your best you by using your time wisely; time after all it is an investment. What tips do you have for making time for social media?