Envision a Successful 2017

To envision a successful 2017 you have to look at this last year with a discerning eye and get real honest with yourself. You will have to ask yourself some hard questions.

As a general rule, I won’t ask you to do or consider things I wouldn’t do myself so I’m going to share my answers to these four hard questions with you.

Q. How do you want your life / business to be different from today?

In life I want to learn how to better manage the stress and strain of dealing with aging parents. I have to admit, I was totally unprepared for this season of life. I married late and was really looking forward to a few more years of newlywed bliss. Some days I feel like a petulant child, stomping my feet indignantly at the things being tossed on my plate. Then there are days where I just have to laugh to keep from crying, but either way there’s lots of prayer involved.

In business I want to see the last three slots filled in the recurring annual social media image packages I am offering which would provide a steady stream of work for me throughout the entire year.

Q. How do you want to feel in 2017?

I want to feel at ease. I want more simplicity. I’ve been riding an emotional roller coaster with my ongoing recovery from alcoholism. Peeling back the layers has shown me things I did not want to see, but needed to face. On the upside, my prayer life is stronger than ever. I’ve grown spiritually through the transition.

Q. What do you want to do in 2017?

I want to continue sharing my stories so others will see there is triumph after trial and a message from the embers of a perceived mess. In 2015, I asked God to take the wheel and help me get sober and 542 days later I stand amazed at the work He is doing in me. My recovery story is ongoing and I want to keep sharing updates, not for bragging purposes because it’s not about me. It’s about the testimony of what God did in my life and He will do it for you too, when you stop trying to do everything yourself and let Him do a work in you.

The stories I revealed and shared in 2016 were pivotal to continued spiritual growth and emotional healing. I’m not a victim of domestic abuse as a young woman or sexual molestation as a tween–those things may have happened to me, but they do not define who I am. In sharing these truths, I have been able to encourage others and help them to know there are safe ways to get out and there is no shame asking for help. I want to keep claiming victory and helping others to do so as well.

Q. What do you want to accomplish in 2017?

I want to accomplish writing a book in 2017 and launching my online course for creating an editorial calendar for social media. I was a contributing author in two books in 2016 and I completed a training on how to create an online course so essentially, I have the tools and experience I need to accomplish these two things.

It’s easy to put off the things that make us uncomfortable but your success truly does lie just outside of your comfort zone. With so few days before we turn our calendars to a brand new year I wanted to share with you a tool I am using to help me envision a successful 2017, it’s a free download:  6 Ways to Prepare for an Amazing 2017

The four questions I answered here in this blog post are included in this download and much more! I know you will be happy you took the time to download it. I’m so excited about 2017 and wanted to share this with you!