I was prompted to write this post after reading Five Minute Friday–What’s in Your Message? by  Donna O’Shaughnessy blogger of City Chick in the Country. Five Minute Friday is a writing exercise hosted by Lisa Jo Baker. It only takes five minutes; find out the details here.

Five Minute FridayMessenger

When I first looked at this word I thought of the expression, “Don’t shoot the messenger.”

Jesus was the ultimate Messenger. What He had to say was so powerful that in essence (although they did not have guns then) some who heard His message wanted to shoot Him. They wanted to silence His message.

This gets me thinking about the task assigned to us to spread His message. Me, a messenger? Wow, what a huge undertaking. He did tell us we would go on to do more than He did and I can’t for the life of me see how I will do that. I just know God works through our weakness and for this reason I’m going to be a messenger. I want the world to know love covers—yes, it covers a multitude of things and without love everything else is pointless.  <–Tweet Love, yes that, is the message from this messenger. Time is up!

So tell me, what are your thoughts on the word messenger?