Do You Need More Training?

In November 2014 I completed the first Social Media Managers Training instructed by Dr. Jennifer Bennett of iBloom. Participating in this training took my business to a new level and in a new direction. Taking this course required a huge leap of faith on my part and gave me what I needed for my business and so much more in return.

Whether you work for someone or are self-employed the learning never ends. If you want to sharpen your edge, continuing education is an absolute must. Stop playing games on Facebook and start researching the latest news related to your business. When you run your own business, there are a lot of things you get to do, some you will love and some you won’t, but know this, you will always be a student in some area.

I offer a word of caution don’t get caught up in the habit of grabbing every free training you see crossing your path online. This habit leads to overthinking, overanalyzing and it’s just plain overwhelming. Before you know it, you’re over it, throwing your hands in the air accomplishing nothing.

Formal education has its place and time. The beauty of online training webinars, courses and such, is they are built around a single area of focus which you can begin immediately applying to your business without waiting to complete a program for your four-year degree or masters. Without a doubt, the various types of training I have invested money and time into have garnered the best results for me. Face it, when you ante up, the stakes are higher and you will do what you need to do the protect and profit from your investment.

I encourage you to give yourself permission to explore and think about what areas you REALLY need to know more about in regard to your business. Once you have an idea, start looking for the appropriate training to invest in for yourself and your business.

You may not be in the market for an intensive training like the Social Media Managers Training but iBloom has a number of training products that may suit your needs and it just so happens that they are having their annual Summer Sale! This means EVERYTHING in the iBloom Store is 20% off through Friday, June 17th. This is the perfect time to invest in the resources you need to help YOU have a successful business and live a life you love!

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p.s. Yes, this blog post does include an affiliate link; I only recommend products I have used and LOVE!