Contrary to what some may believe, creating quality content is not impossible. While there will be those days when you think you are fresh out of ideas and the fear that it has all been said, know this–ideas are virtually at the tips of your fingers.

Do you feel like you have to reivent the wheel? Like you need to come up with something epic, but your mind is overflowing with other daily business tasks?

The article below from Suzanne Lieurance offers 10 great ways to develop content when your idea well has run dry and you could use a helping hand to assist with creating quality content.Suzanne-Lieurance_10968

Easy Ways to Create Quality Content

Do you find it difficult to continually develop quality content for your blog, your newsletter and other mailings?

If so, then you’re probably making things too difficult.

No matter what your industry might be, there are plenty of ways to easily develop quality content for your target market. Here are a few to try:

1. Interview other experts in your industry. Are there pressing problems your target market needs to know how to solve? Turn these problems into questions to ask other experts. Use their answers to create quality blog posts, special reports, or even an e-book for your target market.

2. Take part in social media conversations and make notes about what people in your target market are talking about. What kinds of problems or questions do people have that YOU might be able to answer in an article or blog post?

3. Visit online article directories and read some of the current articles on subjects related to your industry. Once you see what other people are writing about, you’ll get all sorts of ideas for articles you can write.

4. Write a review. Is there a particular product or service that you know is perfect for your target market? Write a review of this item and use it as content for your blog or newsletter.

5. Make a list of seasonal topics that relate to your target market. Use this list as the basis for several articles or even a series of articles.

6. Repurpose old content. Choose a blog post you wrote several months or years ago that is still relevant today. Update that article or simply turn it into a short video for your blog.

7. Use magazines to get ideas. Go to a bookstore and look at magazines. Scan the headlines to see the topics that are being covered in current issues of publications relevant to your target market. Write your own articles about some of these same topics. Note: You’ll probably find this one method so helpful (and so much fun) that you start planning regular “field trips” to your local bookstore every month.

8. Keep an idea list. We all come up with ideas for great content at different times throughout the day. But if we don’t write down those ideas, they can be lost forever. Keep a small notebook with you at all times and jot down your ideas as they come to you so you won’t forget them. Then, next time you don’t know what to write a blog post about, look through your idea notebook.

9. Use guest posts. Set aside a regular day(s) each week or month for posts from guest bloggers. First, create some writer’s guidelines for your guest posts, so people know what you want for your blog and how they should write and deliver this content. Post these guidelines on your blog.

10. Use articles from article directories. You’ll find articles on all sorts of topics. Choose one that your target market will find helpful and doesn’t link back (in the author resource box) to a product or service that competes with one of your own products or services.

These are just a few ways to easily create quality content for your target market. Today, pick one of these methods and create a great blog post or an interesting and informative article for your newsletter.

Try it!

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Suzanne Lieurance is a fulltime freelance writer, writing coach, certified life coach, and the author of over 30 books.

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