The combination of cookies plus Facebook equals targeted ads for advertisers is the simple answer to a question I’ve been asked by many. If you have searched for something recently online and later logged in to Facebook you may very well see an ad for a product you looked at. Don’t get freaked out. It’s a simple use of marketing technology bridging your search data across to Facebook.

Cookies Plus Facebook Equals Targeted Ads

I searched for erasable pens to use in my 2015 planner. The very same day an ad appeared when I logged on to Facebook. Today, a sponsored ad appeared on my Facebook homepage side bar with a Friendly Reminder about a webinar I signed up for stating “SEE YOU AT THE WEBINAR.”

Initially, I thought it was a little odd, when I had looked at something on another site an ad mysteriously appeared to the same thing in my Facebook side bar. At the end of the day, it’s just marketing and that is part of business. The internet cookies for products do not reveal to the businesses the exact words you typed in to find their product. The cookies are driven by select keywords and product specific names.

Although I have not personally noticed it, Twitter is using similar technology. Google has been doing it for years; as a matter of fact, every time you do a Google search the information is stored and used to create targeted ads customized from your search results. As a small business owner I can see how cookies plus Facebook equals targeted ads. On a personal level I have had those times when I have found something online and then been unable to find it again. Not all businesses are using this type of marketing technology–yet.

So, now you know that Facebook is not stalking you. Please share what your experience has been with this Facebook marketing method by commenting below or on my Facebook page Kim S Hawkins.