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Anyone can use social media. Sounds simple enough, right? It’s not. The use of social media effectively is rare because most people aren’t willing to do the one thing they need to develop a strong online presence.

What do those who are succeeding in your industry know that isn’t common knowledge to the rest of us? How do you share your expertise without coming across as pushy, overbearing, or the dreaded too salesy one? How do you speak to the heart of others and grow to be known for your brilliance?

Are you a Christian women coach, author, or speaker asking, “Why can’t I get more out of social media?”

The answer may surprise you.

The secret to developing a strong online presence

Some people don’t want you to know this. In fact, they’d rather you follow a set schedule with a key number of characters per post topped with an image or video that creates viral content.

Lean in close and read this because it could be a pivotal answer for creating your next program, booking your next speaking engagement, or publishing your next book.

The secret to how to connect with your ideal audience and developing a strong online presence is simple:  Show up. Why do so many people overlook this step? Why ignore something so obvious?

Honestly, I was surprised and it took me a while to realize the truth of this matter. I tried doing what other experts advised and this is what I’ve found to be true–social media use is not a one size fits all type of thing. There’s a lot of trial and error. The important thing is to test and see what holds true for your business and your audience.

Showing up is a habit. To create a habit of showing up online consistently, you need an editorial calendar. Hear me out as I share some of the benefits you will receive from using one.

10 Benefits of An Editorial Calendar

  1. It is your strategic plan
  2. You make room to collaborate with others
  3. You stop flying by the seat of your pants
  4. You deliver quality content
  5. You will have a consistent flow of content
  6. Sets the tone of your communication
  7. You stay on top of current trends and news in your industry
  8. It develops lead generation
  9. It reduces stress
  10. It saves you time!


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Learn how to create a editorial calendar that’s so organized, filled with juicy content and so like you, it makes your audience want to share your content again and again.

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What happens in Brilliant Calendar is this–you get it together!

Why am I sharing this with you? It’s simple, I’m savvy, and you want to be social.

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