Big word, huge results; attitude is the word. We all have one, some good, some bad, some favorable, and some unfavorable. It is everything. It is contagious. It has been called a little thing yet it is oh so important! It also been said to be a can do kind of thing. It is A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E! Attitude is big because it is important. It can have far-reaching effect in many areas of your life. So, the bigness of attitude is not about the size of the word itself but the significance that it can play into any circumstance.

Is your attitude worth catching? Are you one who can spread positivity like wildfire or does negativity lurk in every corner? Life throws curveballs and your attitude can definitely have an impact on your stance at the plate. Today I am sharing five tips to outfox a negative attitude.

  1. Be aware of those who tend to have a negative attitude. If you must deal with on a daily basis such as in a work environment, come up with ways to excuse yourself from conversations when the begin to head south. This calls for some thinking ahead but preparation is all part of doing battle.
  2. Pull out your very best heartfelt nuggets of wisdom when significant things happen. Both praise and support are the very foundation of building an attitude of gratitude.
  3. Head for the Light in those moments you are already aware that are challenging for you. Don’t give up on finding your silver lining in those dark moments.
  4. This one throws the naysayer off–agree! ¬†Yes, it is horrible that such and such happened. Kind of takes the wind out of their sails because many people like this are so in the habit of sparring and jarring their message of doom and gloom they simply are not prepared for you to be in agreement.
  5. Smile! It can be extremely disarming in what could be perceived as a negative moment.

Attitude is a big word with huge results. It’s not just about the way you think. It stems from the heart and can be seen in your body language too! You may think you are holding something tucked away inside but beware, your actions will give you away. Maintaining a positive attitude takes work but the payoffs are out of this world.