Being coached for anything is only going to make you better, so why did I drag my heels, hem and haw, for years I sat on the sidelines looking at others building their business dreams.

“Come to my book launch,” she said.

“I’m launching my new program next week,” said another.

“You have beautiful skin, can I interest you in a skincare product designed…”

Before and After Being Coached

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Before Being Coached

I went to the free training and took frantic, copious notes hoping I would remember every little tasty morsel of information. Armed with my new knowledge I sat down to apply the lesson while it was fresh on my mind. I worked diligently for a while, maybe it was hours or perhaps it was weeks and then the inevitable happened.

The learners high wore off. I’m a recovering alcoholic, I know all about highs and lows. What had happened, this time, was not much different than the last time. I hit a wall. My notes got cold and didn’t make much sense anymore. I lost my recall of what had been discussed and since it was a free training, there was no replay to listen to again and again until I could wrap my mind around the topic.

Why? Knowing better doesn’t always guarantee you will do better. Sometimes you have to take the life course called Hard Knocks more than once before you throw up your hands in defeat and admit you need help.

You took the life course called Hard Knocks again; throw up your hands, admit you need help.

My help came in the form of catching the tail end of Diane Cunningham’s “Be Brave Today” Challenge in February 2015. Even now, thinking about it brings a smile to my face. The excitement was contagious and it was easy to get caught up in the celebrations of each woman as she shared her victory of completing the daily challenge.

BUT, guess what? I did not follow through.

WHAT? True. I did not follow through. I had obstacles. I had objections. I had excuses. So I did what I had done for years. I lingered on the sidelines popping in and out of online groups looking for direction, looking for guidance, looking for someone to take me by the hand and have a come to Jesus meeting about the way I was doing business.

The next “Be Brave Today” Challenge was held in June 2015. I started the challenge from the very first day and as each day unfolded the intensity grew as I completed each daily challenge. If theme music had been playing in the background you would have heard Alicia Keys belting out “Girl On Fire.”

Upon completing the challenge I became a member of the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs. This was a small step for me, one giant leap for my business.

After Being Coached

ASK. Since taking active strides to get the help I needed (coaching), I am better able to ask questions sooner. If you don’t know, ask. Ask your coach, ask your peers, ask anyone who will listen to your questions. Answers come from unexpected places. Jesus clearly said you have not because you ask not.

SEEK. I’m on a quest to achieve things in and through my business. Faith in the marketplace can be challenging and when you have like-minded women to come alongside you in the journey, it is a blessing.

KNOCK. I’m knocking on doors of opportunity and sometimes I announce myself in a quiet voice and then there are moments when I call out loud and brave. I’m learning the process. I get to apply what I learn as I learn it.

Through the coaching experience, one of the most valuable things I have learned is to pay attention to what I resist. Sometimes I have to dig deep to work through my resistance, but it’s oh so worth it!

Accountability is like turning on a light in a dark room, you can’t hide from the truth. Stop hiding! Is it time for you to invest in yourself and your business through coaching?