You hit the sack with the idea you will awake feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new day but upon waking that’s not always the case. I get it! I’ve been there too. An unrestful night of a little too hot, a little too cold, and what in the world happened to my covers. Next thing you know, the alarm blares. To snooze or not to snooze, that is the question.


Let me share this often mentioned but frequently ignored nugget, the alert successful people do this every day–get up with intention, a morning routine if you will. They read the Bible, meditate, pray, eat a good breakfast, ¬†and/or exercise. None of this just happens. It’s a plan, it’s a commitment, it’s the way their day gets started with intention.

Personally, I do set an alarm, but I love those mornings when I wake up just a little bit before the blare of the alarm. I greet the day by saying, “Good Morning, God.” In my household, we start with our “pink drink” and then I settle in my spot for my morning date with God–I read the Bible, pray and listen for His answers. My husband and I take turns with breaking the fast and it’s a must do part of our morning. The one thing I have nailed since I originally wrote this post back in 2015, is I get my body moving every day. My go-to exercises are walking and yoga. I’ve recently started short dumbbell reps a few times per week. Having a morning routine sets the tone of our day. If the routine gets thrown off kilter, we scramble and the entire day seems to a beat we can’t quite match.

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