Kim S. Hawkins Christian Life Coach

My name is Kim I am a wife of 13 years and Dog Mom to one rescue. I don’t hold a traditional job because I already walked that path and found my need to cheer others on in life could be fulfilled in a different way. That’s why I’m here, I’m an online business builder and I absolutely LOVE network marketing.


I have had a passion for the home-based business model since I left corporate America in 2002. I started online not long after moving from Fort Lauderdale back to San Antonio in 2009.


I sold home decor and gift items, I sold wraps, I did pet-sitting…I planned golf tournaments and fundraisers, I bought from well known direct selling companies, I did consulting, I still do some coaching, you name it, I did it ALL and I did fairly well AND I learned so much.


I considered returning to college because degrees make life easier, right? Not necessarily.


The time, commitment, and money for a decision like that did not match up with my life as a wife. As a single woman, I may have taken the chance, but a decision like that would have altered both of our lives.


ONE DAY, we landed a fun lifestyle opportunity, and I was able to have a bit extra to invest into a side-business. My absolute LOVE of the online world made the opportunity to do social network marketing a chance I was excited to jump into.


As I scrolled through Facebook daily chatting up friends, playing games, and posting one too many pictures of whatever was going on at the then time, a friend reached out privately to me about something I had shared publicly–if you post it on Facebook it’s not a big secret.


My immediate reaction was, what if this really works? Could it be this simple. There was no all of a sudden moment, but my outlook shifted! This was not like ANY other online business! The decision to get involved took a little time because I had to do my homework! With answers spelled out in front of me, I knew this was where I was meant to be! This business model, the products, the leadership and the people make this the BEST in this industry with an amazing compensation plan! This is WHY I chose to do this.


I am blessed to be a blessing and so excited to share this with you!


You are important and you are valuable and you are loved!


Come Walk With Me To Health & Happiness!!