9 lessons from Instagram top nine post

Who knew there would be 9 lessons from Instagram top nine posts? Last month, my online friend Roshanda Pratt encouraged me to find and capture my #topnine on Instagram. If I had to choose my top nine posts they would have been different, but there was a great lesson in doing this–my social media posts are not about me. Ouch! Thanks for letting me connect with you on social media, share things that are of value to you, and provide a few laughs along the way.

These are my 9 lessons from Instagram Top Nine Posts:

  1. Even when you make a blatant mistake in quilting, people will still “like” your work. The top row on this quilt block is upside down.
  2. A visit to the National Butterfly Center in Mission, Texas, reminded me to appreciate the attractions in my own backyard. Support local!
  3. Green plants make me happy. Do the things that make you happy and then do them some more!
  4. Our Bodies. No Shame. A 60-day health challenge is a great stepping stone to achieving your health goals for the year.
  5. While dog-sitting for my parent’s dog, I had the house to myself. It’s good to give yourself time and space to reflect on what was, how it is now, and the road in between.
  6. Before and After photos are very telling. Be honest with yourself. Even though I had a setback during my 60-day health challenge I still achieved GREAT results with proper eating and health supplements.
  7. Never stop dating your spouse. Impromptu selfies will help you remember the moment.
  8. Elvis impersonators are entertaining even if you didn’t grow up in that era.
  9. Never dreamed Hubby would love the rag quilt I made for him so much. It took way longer than I anticipated–it truly was a work of love.

If you have a profile on Instagram, I encourage you to check out your #topnine and reflect on the lessons, happy moments, or reminders from your own posts. There are many social media platforms, if we haven’t connected, why not? Follow me on Instagram, I’d love to see you there!