Mistakes, we all make them, but some social media mistakes that could be limiting you from connecting with others. If you take a moment to think about who you have connected with on social media you have to look at the flipside and consider why we haven’t connected on social media as well. There may be one small thing that makes a difference in whether someone will or will not connect with you. Some things are glaringly obvious, like a username that is not familiar, but in haste to set up profiles some key things get skipped and those are the things that will trip you up in building your online presence.

Social Media Mistakes That Keep You From Connecting

Take a look at the list on this infographic to find out if this applies to any of your social media platforms so you can make changes to your online appearance.

Social Media Mistakes Infografic


This is just a short list of reasons; can you name a mistake that keeps others from connection online? If you found this information to be helpful, please pin this infographic to one of your Pinterest boards.