Did you know postcards have been used since the late 1800’s? That in itself tells me post cards are timeless and an important piece of our history.

Read on for 5 reasons postcards are timeless and worth the time to send

  1. You can add a ray of sunshine to someone’s day.
  2. It says, “You are important,” even if you didn’t write those exact words.
  3. It matters! Postcards are highly personal and a simple way to nurture any relationship.
  4. They are tangible. It can be touched, felt, and saved as a keepsake.
  5. A single postcard can bridge a generation gaps–it can be sent or received by any age.

[tweetthis]A postcard says, “You are important,” even if you didn’t write those words.[/tweetthis]

Postcards are timeless in the sense that they have not gone out of style. Years ago when I worked in the travel industry I would send my grandfather a postcard from every destination I traveled to. When he passed away, there in his bedroom was a box which contained all of the postcards I had sent him over the years. I didn’t realize it when I was sending the postcards what they would mean to him and to our relationship. In fact, I was blown away when I learned he had saved them over the years. I didn’t know it back then, but I was creating memories.

In a completely different way, postcards are timeless (actually time-less) because they do not take much time to write or send. You will probably spend more time time trying to choose one than it will take you to jot a short note on one and drop it in the mail. Here’s a fun bit of trivia you may never use:  Postcard collecting is called “Deltiology.” It may be useful to know if you play Trivial Pursuit or plan on being a Jeopardy contestant.

When did you last send or receive a postcard?

Is encouraging others on your list of things to do? Have you considered sending a postcard? It only takes a few minutes. You don’t have to send a postcard from some dreamy vacation spot, they can be sent from anywhere. Is today the day you’re going to grab a few postcards and let a few people know that you’ve been thinking of them?

Are you looking for some postcards that are inspirational and beautiful? Well, look no further! The Paw Art Collections postcards are making their debut into the world. The are decked out in royal colors with inspiring Bible scriptures ready for you to jot a thoughtful note to show someone you are thinking of them today.

Be the one who spread a little sunshine today … all it takes is a postcard and few minutes of your time.