3 Things You Need to Know About the Facebook Algorithm

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Facebook algorithm is a hot topic! When you copy and paste the generic message that “no one is seeing my posts” you are not adjusting your Facebook algorithm. Here are three things you can do that will actually help switch up your news feed if you you do the work:

  1. Stop giving every post a “Like” and comment on the post or share the post giving the person credit who originally shared it.
  2. Go to a friend’s profile from your friends list that you have not seen a post from lately and comment on a post on their page.
  3. The DEFAULT for your friends and pages you like are automatically set to FOLLOWING; you can change this default to See First (see a specific friend’s profile or page) or unfollow in YOUR NEWS FEED.

I challenge you to visit three-five friend’s profiles each week and watch how your Facebook News Feed comes to life with more post from those you want to hear more from. Which one of the above will you try first?