Kim S. Hawkins

Kim S Hawkins is your social media consultant.  She knows building an online presence and community takes time and she will help you get better results through a strategy, a plan and a process designed for you.

If anyone had told her five years ago she would be involved with helping business women navigate the tides of social media use for their business she would have laughed hysterically.

Social media reminds her of one of her favorite jobs she held many years ago. She was a hostess at a local pub. As a hostess, she knew the patrons, their likes and dislikes, who they would love and what dishes would suit them to a tee. It was all about connecting people, it was a little community with a family spirit AND that friends, is what happens when social media is used properly.

Her goal in her blogs is to bring you relevant information about social media, its trends and to discuss how best to use the applications with optimal benefits. She enjoys breaking how-to’s down into step-by-step detail and sharing how it all works. She has a quick wit and a gift for coming up with analogies which you will often find woven into her posts. Feel free to browse around. She hopes you enjoy her articles and by all means, ask if you don’t find what you are looking for.

Kim’s mission is simplifying the way women do social media for business.

She can be found in several places online if you want to connect further:

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