Kim S. Hawkins

Simplifying the Way Women Do Social Media for Business

KSH - Kim S Hawkins, Social Media ConsultantSocial Media Consultant Kim S Hawkins

Kim S Hawkins is the President and Founder of the Simple Savvy Social Society, as well as a social media consultant, self-published author, Christian Life Coach, mentor to Christian women, and the proverbial social media Oz behind the business curtain for Coaches. Positivity is her super strength; she has been called “Sunshine” since childhood and is known to see possibilities where others only see obstacles which she attributes to her natural strength as a “strategic.” She created the Simple Savvy Social Society sitting in the back end of her RV camper home, with nothing more than her laptop, a smartphone (that makes her feel not so smart at times), temperamental internet service and a burning desire to have women friends she could share the entrepreneurial journey with.

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More Testimonials

“Thanks to Kim Hawkins who posted all the prayer prompts for each hours. The wonders of technology in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing. Many, many thanks.” – Barb Hollace, Author, Editor, Speaker

“Kim is always inspiring, encouraging and offering the exact thing at the perfect time to keep me moving forward.” – Michele Yates, owner at Natural esSCENTials

“Just finished up a really inspiring meeting with my friend Kim Hawkins. She is so encouraging and talented. I’m blessed to have women like her in my life.” – Anna Quesada, founder of the Christian Women’s Small Business Association

“I’m so very proud of Kim and all that she is doing to move her new business forward! she is a joy to work with and I can’t wait to see how God continues to use her to make a difference online!” Dr. Jennifer Bennett, Communication Specialists, Speaker, Writer and Trainer at iBloom